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The Why Outsource, use our rightsourcing by partnering with us. Intelex has grown significantly which can be attributed to a high level of client satisfaction and the dedicated and relentless efforts of a highly motivated team of professionals.

Intelex has been able to achieve this feat by employing professionals who have versatile experience in the field of Information Technology. Our employees placed onsite at a client location are available at client location are available again when your business needs arise again & again. This helps our clients build a knowledge base and retain their long term core team at significantly lesser cost. To add further value, the hybrid onsite-offshore mechanism allows our clients to add further savings by using its dedicated onsite-offshore combination of resources allocated to them. - It is our Rightsourcing. We have also partnered with a number of companies to develop solutions that integrate a human face with technology.

Own offshore development centre

Intelex has capabilities to setup your own offshore centre by allocating right resources and infrastructure to operate within a week. The allocated team will directly report to your onsite representative to report the progress of the work on day to day basis using our state of the art communications & Technology i.e. VOIP, Live video conference, Instant messaging and/or web conferencing. State of the art technology means effective cost and time & results in low start-up costs and faster return on your investment (ROI).

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