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The Technology consulting team at Intelex improves the alignment of business and technology through improved process efficiency, reduced cost and enhanced business value of IT. Our consultants combine extensive technical experience with strong strategic and business focused leadership.

We work with some of Europe and North America’s large to small businesses, providing solutions to their problems using a proven business-focused approach and intelex’s unique right sourcing modal. Starting with an understanding of the business need and product definition, we then work with our clients to design and deliver efficient solutions, striking the right balance between leveraging what they have and delivering what they need.

We help our clients in building a high performance IT organisation through formalising the IT strategy, business processes, technology and the required organisation structure needed to deliver and manage efficient, high quality IT services. We work with our clients in architecture, business analysis, and product evaluation of their IT functions.

Intelex provides tailor made consulting services to fit your organisation. The level of consulting services intelex offers are categorised as:

Long Term

If your organisation needs consulting services in information technology segments from product definition to product delivery, and support & maintenance, Intelex is with you at every level of service you need to success in your industry. Intelex’s extensive experience, business understanding, and the long term vision to help you identify where you need to be and I then help you get there.

Short term

Intelex also recognises that many organisations need short term consulting services whether it is to fill the gap in your organisation’s skills or to hire Intelex consultants for the completion of specific project. Many organisations at some stage requires consultants or out/right sourced consultants which enable organisation to expand or to get better value for their money spent. Intelex’s experienced technology consultants provides your organisation unique blend of experience with strong strategic and business focused leadership

  • Application Development Consulting
  • Web Portal Development Consulting
  • Multi-channel Applications Consulting
  • Service Oriented Architecture Consulting
  • Support & Maintenance Consulting
  • Quality Assurance Consulting