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Quality Assurance & Testing

The drive to bring new products and quality releases to the market quickly means that businesses need to focus on design and development. In today’s modern world quality has become primary objective of any software product.

If you fail deliver the quality and stable products, your customers are a click away to find your competitor. At Intelex we enable you to focus on your product definition and development while we take care of your products testing phases from start of the project to deployment stage. Our award winning testing right source model fit every organisation needs.
Having joined the hands of Intelex testing teams you always have a win-win situation.

Your organisation’s teams may end up spending considerable time on testing, quality assurance and bug resolution which could consume considerable amount of time, cost and efforts of your development team, which may potentially jeopardise product delivery deadlines.

But leveraging our right source modal (Onsite / Offshore development Centre) and our proven quality assurance processes for software development and maintenance will slash the cost of your project and helps to deliver quality products on time.

Real Estate

Intelex offers clients sprightly Quality Assurance and testing solutions designed:

  • Shorten release cycles
  • Reduce rework and product failure
  • Reduce QA and testing costs, and product maintenance costs
  • Focus on core development and R&D
  • Adhere to best practices


  • Quality assurance strategy and consulting
  • Design, development and execution of test plans
  • Test bed establishment
  • White-box testing
  • IV & V planning
  • Usability testing
  • Performance testing
  • Regression testing
  • Functional testing
  • Test automation
  • Test tool development
  • Bug tracking, verification and test analysis
  • Test reporting
  • Content management systems
  • Application server technology

Mobile Testing

Mobile testing is a paradigm in this ever evolving technology world. This needs to be verified on wide range of areas like UI, performance, load, installation, compatibility, functionality etc. It should be in line with the mobile device itself. More emphasis should be on testing with outmost perfection and covering the entirety of the testing areas as the mobile software might not have second chances. This is probably the one and only one testing where the end user experience is also should be taken care of equally as that of functionality and other areas.

key Frames

  • Expertise with wide variety of mobile devices, all mobile platforms, all mobile operators and also with all scripting techniques.

  • Confidentiality to the extreme extent for the data and adhere to the policy guidelines and ensure client data is secure.

  • Customized mobile testing with both physical devices and usage of emulators and also on premise and on cloud for each and every client depending on the client’s demand.

  • Rich experience in delivering automation framework scripting and meeting the deadlines with the automation results report.

Our Vision

The trend in Mobile technology is changing rapidly with new generation network and virtual and flexible screens would be in near future. Interacting with the device by voice communication plays an important role and we at intelex lab researching in the way to look at the possible ways to coup to the new trends.


  • QTP
  • Eggplant
  • Tosca
  • Cucumber
  • MonkeyTalk
  • Ranorex

Cloud Testing

Cloud computing deals with managing and delivering technologies, services and solutions. It creates an opportunity of testing as a service (TaaS) for software as a service (SaaS) and cloud. But it creates new challenges, new issues and other needs in testing. Nevertheless, it changes the way of managing computer resources such as storage systems and CPUs. Testing as a Service (TaaS) refers to providing static and dynamic on demand testing services in, on or over clouds and at any time or all time.

key Frames

  • To validate software as a service for a cloud based application including performance, security and scalability.

  • To assure the quality of cloud applications including business processes, functional services and system performance.

  • To test the cloud compatibility and inter-operability between SaaS and application in a cloud.

Our Vision

More emphasis on cloud infrastructure which provides good accessibility to infrastructure testing and by which it makes load, stress, compatibility and performance testing more cost effective. A separate intelex research team is built in analyzing the cloud infrastructure trends and adequate measures are taken to ensure good and quality services are given to client according to client requirement.


  • PractiTest
  • GlobalCloud Load
  • Keynote


Performance testing is a way to determine the stability, responsiveness, scalability, reliability and other quality attributes. Different types of testing needs to be performed to determine the performance of the software application like load testing, stress testing, configuration testing etc. Performance also depends on tasks, test conditions, timing, methodology and tools that are used. One should clearly understand the specifications of the task and run a comprehensive tests to report the quality of the application.

key Frames

  • Proven experience in delivering the performance test results within the given timescales with optimum result set.

  • Specialized in covering the entirety of the test scope including the subsystems, components, interfaces etc.

  • Intelex strength in covering all the test scenarios including application and system work load during peak time and normal hours and also database batch processes.

  • Very good at producing a high level plan to the client which includes requirements, detailed scenarios, resources, environments details, milestones and workloads.

Our Vision

A big leap is evidently visible in the future towards cloud performance testing and mobile performance testing with the new invention of tools for best results. The goal is to meet to the new trends in the market and our experienced professionals are working towards achieving the goal with specific targets and results oriented. The efforts would be beneficiary to the client in getting the solution for many queries in this ever increasing data world.


  • Load Runner
  • Apache JMeter
  • Rational Performance Tester
  • OpenSTA
  • CloudTest

Test Management

Test Management is the process of managing the software testing. Test management tool has the features to incorporate the test management process. A test procedure can be defined and it can be implemented for both manual and automated software. Right from requirement specifications to running the test scripts, all of the test definitions can be defined with references. To further add to that, it also has reports generation and metrics can be set as benchmark for future process and for continuous process improvement.

key Frames

  • Test management is a way to manage tests specified by test procedure. It includes requirement and specification modules to generate the functional coverage of a system under test.

  • Intelex test management suite runs the manual and automated test cases which are associated with other artifacts like test scripts, test plan, test suite, test environments and test results.

  • Intelex test management suite also incorporates project management functionality for planning activities.

  • The key feature is that It delivers the metrics to evaluate the quality of the software under test. It generally is produced in terms of graphics, tables showing the quality metrics.

Our Vision

Software test management should focus more on the incremental process change to the extremely rapid growth in the technology. Technologies have evolved tremendously in recent times that coping up with test management has been tedious task. This will grow further more and Intelex is prepared to cover the growth and research is in progress the check the trends in this area. To further to add to this, intelex is focusing on developing new tools and technologies to incorporate this changing trends.


  • HP QC
  • IBM Rational Quality Manager
  • PractiTest
  • TestComplete
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