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" At Intelex we believe that offshoring is not only for Fortune 500 or large organizations but making offshoring availability to startups brings many benefits to founders and its investors. Intelex believes and sharing risks with founders where it finds confidence in ideas and markets. We help you successfully transforming ideas into products."

These days even venture capitalists like an idea of working with offshore companies to reduce costs for the development which is in fact an added advantage to the startups.

Intelex works with start-ups using different engagements method to reduce costs. It is as easy as 1-2-3 to begin offshore services with Intelex Systems. You may use Intelex for below services:

  • Prototype design and development
  • Quality Assurance and Testing
  • Product Marketing
  • Application Support and Deployment

Our Featured Startup (BusinessDating.com)

BusinessDating.com answers the key demands of a disparate small business sector by concentrating on 7 business priorities (see Why Join) that are specifically addressed in 4 areas: HIRE, JOIN, BUY and FUND. Part online marketplace (based on the familiar ‘classified’ ads model) and part Social Discovery site, BusinessDating.com operates a freemium model with potential for exponential growth and meaningful revenue generation, providing investors with an opportunity for significant ROI within a relatively short timescale.

The site allows a user, free of charge, to create a profile; advertise themselves for work (in HIRE); respond to adverts placed by others; obtain work and other business opportunities; make first contact with people they don't know; obtain information about funding (in FUND); and communicate with connections (including messaging, posts, meeting organisation, document sharing, IM and Video Chat). These free services will drive user take up including participation from employers, so building a substantial user community that will make use of paid advertising in the JOIN (seeking a co-worker; co-owner; co-founder; or co-venture partner) and BUY (sell a business or share in a business) lists.

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